New Members Baptism Information

Baptism is celebrated every 4th Sunday - 9:00 am Worship Service.

Candidates Report Time: 7:30 am

Male and Female
   ~ Items candidates need to bring:
   ~ Undergarments
   ~ White socks
   ~ Pants (women: any color pants; Men: white pants)
   ~ T-Shirt
   ~ Large bath towel
   ~ Bedsheet (any color)
   ~ Plastic Bag (for wet garments)
   ~ Clothes to wear after baptism

Items Franklin Avenue Baptist Church will supply
   ~ Plastic shower cap (Femail Only)
   ~ White headpiece
   ~ Small face cloth

Please come dressed in the attire listed above (white socks, pants, and t-shirt) to speed up the preparation for baptism.  Remember to bring clothes to wear after the baptism.
Please call us in advance if you are not able to supply everything you need. We will do our utmost to assist you.

Please Note: All the classes listed below must be completed before your baptism.
   ~ What We Believe
   ~ Christ Stewardship
   ~ Getting to Know Your New Church
   ~ The Struggle to Do Right

If you repeat the same class more than once this will not satisfy the requirements for church membership or baptism.

Males - John P. Foster 

Female - Lee Ausama